Scorn Horn

Can pescatarians eat whales

packing for sakura connnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I’m def someone who’ll take as many shields as I can

Clothes are amazing because they can be shields for people who need something to hide behind, and swords for those who want everyone to see how fierce they are


Spotted these ACNL fleece blanket in one of the Game Centers in Tokyo! (^O^) I tried to get Isabelle but I failed ;__; Sorry for the bad photo quality, took these with my phone.

You ever see someone’s url that just makes you cringe


ok throwing this out there for anyone even if i don’t know u if anyone wants to hang at sakuracon let me know!!!!!! gonna be a good year i can feel it in my bones, more people to meet and party with the better, uptime, downtime, just wanna chill, doesn’t matter i’m up for all of it B)

Saaaame I wanna have good times w/good people and more good people = more good times!

"Heh heh look at this food I’m gonna shove in my mouth soon"

You know your fat when you just stare at a menu on a computer screen and giggle to yourself


Awesome fursuit

It’s cool how my internet connection in the entire household just stops around 11:30 for a few minutes every night